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4-star review  from  Kurt

This is the most underated Beatles song of all time. I know it’s not one of their greatest, and Beatles For Sale is full of cracking tunes, but Every Little Thing is such a happy little tune that it brightens up the album tenfold. The first side of the LP is great, but then you’ve got to churn through Honey Don’t, Every Little Thing and I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party and when you’ve got to What You’re Doing the big smile on your face comes back again. A top tune.

4-star review  from  Rob C

I tend to agree with kurt. Paul denigrates this effort, which he calls a better recording than a song. The lyrics are not inspired, which is probably why he plays it down. But, what a recording. This song has a beat that will grab you and not let go. That beat is announced right at the start with a rare drum intro. The melody is perfect match for the driving beat. The whole thing fits together like clockwork. This is a early Beatles you will be singing and going back to, but it was not a hit, not released as a single.

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