The Beatles’ Anthology songs

The Beatles’ Anthology project first aired on British TV in November 1995. These are the songs which appeared on the accompanying album and single releases.

Songs from The Beatles’ Anthology project
Title Time Vocal Credit Released Rating
Your Mother Should Know Take 273.02-Lennon / McCartney18 Mar ’96-
You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away Take 52.45-Lennon / McCartney18 Mar ’96-
You’ll Be Mine Home recording1.39Paul / JohnMcCartney / Lennon21 Nov ’95-
You Really Got A Hold On Me Live recording2.58JohnRobinson21 Nov ’95-
You Know What To Do Demo1.59GeorgeHarrison21 Nov ’95-
You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) Unknown take5.43-Lennon / McCartney18 Mar ’96-
You Can’t Do That Take 62.42-Lennon / McCartney21 Nov ’95-
Yesterday Take 12.34-Lennon / McCartney18 Mar ’96-
Yesterday TV recording2.43-Lennon / McCartney18 Mar ’96-
Yes It Is Take 21.50-Lennon / McCartney18 Mar ’96-
Yellow Submarine2.48-Lennon / McCartney4 Mar ’96-
Within You Without You Unknown take5.27InstrumentalHarrison18 Mar ’963 stars
Why Don’t We Do It In The Road? Take 42.15-Lennon / McCartney28 Oct ’96-
While My Guitar Gently Weeps Take 13.27GeorgeHarrison28 Oct ’965 stars
What’s The New Mary Jane Take 46.12JohnLennon / McCartney28 Oct ’96-
Two Of Us Unknown take3.27-Lennon / McCartney28 Oct ’96-
Twist And Shout TV recording3.05-Medley / Russell21 Nov ’95-
Tomorrow Never Knows Take 13.14-Lennon / McCartney18 Mar ’965 stars
Till There Was You TV recording2.54-Willson21 Nov ’95-
Ticket To Ride TV recording2.45-Lennon / McCartney18 Mar ’965 stars
Three Cool Cats Decca audition2.25GeorgeLeiber / Stoller10 Sep ’82-
This Boy Take 12 & 133.18-Lennon / McCartney4 Dec ’955 stars
This Boy TV recording2.22-Lennon / McCartney21 Nov ’955 stars
The Sheik Of Araby Decca audition1.43GeorgeSmith / Wheeler / Snyder10 Sep ’82-
The Long And Winding Road ‘Get Back’ sessions3.41-Lennon / McCartney28 Oct ’96-
The Fool On The Hill Demo2.48-Lennon / McCartney18 Mar ’96-
The Fool On The Hill Take 43.45-Lennon / McCartney18 Mar ’96-
The End Unknown take2.51-Lennon / McCartney28 Oct ’96-
That’ll Be The Day Home recording2.08JohnAllison / Holly / Petty21 Nov ’95-
That Means A Lot Take 12.27PaulLennon / McCartney18 Mar ’96-
Teddy Boy Studio rehearsal3.18PaulLennon / McCartney28 Oct ’96-
Taxman Take 112.32-Harrison18 Mar ’96-
Strawberry Fields Forever Demo1.42-Lennon / McCartney18 Mar ’965 stars
Strawberry Fields Forever Take 12.35-Lennon / McCartney18 Mar ’965 stars
Strawberry Fields Forever Take 74.14-Lennon / McCartney18 Mar ’965 stars
Step Inside Love/Los Paranoias Studio outtake2.31PaulLennon / McCartney28 Oct ’96-
Something Demo3.19-Harrison28 Oct ’965 stars
Shout TV recording1.31Paul / JohnIsley / Isley / Isley21 Nov ’95-
She’s A Woman Live recording2.55-Lennon / McCartney18 Mar ’96-
She Loves You TV recording2.50-Lennon / McCartney21 Nov ’954½ stars

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