The Beatles -- ‘All You Need Is Love’

All You Need Is Love (3.49)

John Lennon: Lead vocal, banjo, harpsichord; Paul McCartney: Harmony vocal, bass guitar; George Harrison: Harmony vocal, guitar, violin; Ringo Starr: Drums; Piano: George Martin; Accordian: Jack Emblow; Violin: Sidney Sax, Patrick Halling, Eric Bowie, Jack Holmes; Trumpet: Stanley Woods, David Mason; Trombone: Evan Watkins, Harry Spain; Tenor sax: Rex Morris, Don Honeywill; Chorus: Jane Asher, Eric Clapton, Hunter Davies, Marianne Faithfull, Patti Harrison, Mick Jagger, Gary Leeds, Mike McCartney, Keith Moon, Graham Nash, Keith Richards

John recording ‘All You Need Is Love’Recording ‘All You Need Is Love‘ – 25 Jun ’67

This was written especially for the ‘Our World’ broadcast in June ’67, which was due to be broadcast live across eighteen different countries. Brian remembered that it gave him many sleepless nights: “It got nearer and nearer [to the show] and they still hadn’t written anything. Then about three weeks before the programme they sat down to write, and the record was completed in ten days.”

The 125-minute film was split into six different sections: ‘This Moment’s World’, ‘The Hungry World’, ‘The Crowded World’, ‘Physical Excellence’, ‘Artistic Excellence’ and ‘The World Beyond’. The Beatles’ performance came at the end of the ‘Artistic Excellence’ section.

Come the night of the recording, The Beatles invited all their famous mates into the studio to share in the …

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