The Beatles -- ‘Carnival Of Light’

Carnival Of Light

John Lennon: Guitar, organ, tape effects, tambourine; Paul McCartney: Guitar, organ, tape effects, tambourine; George Harrison: Guitar, organ, tape effects, tambourine; Ringo Starr: Guitar, organ, tape effects, tambourine;

This mysterious piece can best be described as an early attempt at ‘Revolution 9’. Paul wrote it for a mixed-media event at the Roundhouse Theatre, where it was played as an uncredited soundscape.

Paul was reportedly quite upset that ‘Revolution 9’ got released because he wrote this one first, and he didn’t want John to be seen as the innovator (there was quite a lot of rivalry going on by that time). Some people suggest that might be the real reason why he tried to get it released on ‘Anthology 2’. But in the event, the other two vetoed it and it remains unissued.

Hardly anyone has heard the song because it hasn’t even appeared on bootlegs. It’s supposed to be about 13 minutes of random beats and drumming. There is no discernable melody that anyone can tell, but …

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