The Beatles -- ‘Day Tripper’

Day Tripper (2.50)

John Lennon: Lead vocal, rhythm guitar; Paul McCartney: Lead vocal, bass guitar; George Harrison: Lead guitar; Ringo Starr: Drums, tambourine;

John’s lyric was aimed at all those weekend hippies who went to work from 9-to-5 but only ever got stoned on Friday nights. He’d only just started taking LSD himself, and may have been having a little pop at McCartney, who had so far refused to touch the stuff.

Paul said: “This was getting towards our psychedelic period when we were interested in winking to our friends and comrades-in-arms, putting in references that we knew our friends would get, but the great British public might not. So, ‘She’s a big teaser’ was really ‘She’s a prick teaser’. The mums and dads didn’t get it, but the kids did.”

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