The Beatles -- ‘Dear Prudence’

Dear Prudence (3.57)

John Lennon: Double-tracked lead vocal, backing vocal, lead guitar; Paul McCartney: Backing vocal, bass guitar, piano, flugelhorn, drums; George Harrison: Backing vocal, acoustic guitar; Backing vocal: Mal Evans, Jackie Lomax, John McCartney

John wrote this in Rishikesh about one of the girls in his meditation group. Her name was Prudence Farrow – Mia Farrow’s little sister.

She was into meditation big-time and was always in her tent in a trance and no one could get her to come out. She refused to attend the lectures, and only accepted food if it was left on a plate outside the door. The Maharishi was always warning people to take it easy but she overdid it and went a little crazy. John said: “She went a bit barmy, locked in her room meditating for three weeks, trying to reach God quicker than everyone else.” At one point the Beatles even congregated outside her window and serenaded her with Paul’s hit ‘Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da’ (and that’s enough to drive anyone crazy!).

This was the second song done after

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