The Beatles -- ‘Dig It’

Dig It (0.50)

John Lennon: Lead vocal; Paul McCartney: Piano; George Harrison: Lead guitar; Ringo Starr: Drums; Hammond organ: Billy Preston

Ringo recording at Apple StudiosRingo at Apple Studios – 24 Jan ’69Photo: Apple Corps Ltd.

This began life as a very long jam that was augmented with the names of as many people they could think of. Paul kicked it off with some black men (still thinking of his ‘Commonwealth Song’, no doubt, which was aired on the same day) and John chimed in with TV personalities and politicians.

Here are some of the names that made the grade: James Brown, Judy Garland, Wilson Pickett, Mal Evans, Eric Griffiths (a member of the Quarrymen), Ivan Vaughan (likewise), Dusty Springfield, Peter Brown (Apple employee), John Lennon (John got stuck for another name and quickly used his own!), Mary Whitehouse, Richard Nixon, Ronnie Corbett, David Frost, Clark Kent (Superman’,s alter-ego), Super Ajax (a cleaning product), Sean O’,Mahony (editor of the ‘Beatles Monthly’ magazine) …

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