The Beatles -- ‘Golden Slumbers’

Golden Slumbers (1.32)

Paul McCartney: Double-tracked lead vocal, bass guitar, piano; John Lennon: Chorus; George Harrison: Lead guitar, chorus; Ringo Starr: Drums; Viola: Unknown player; Violin: Unknown player; Cello: Unknown player; Trumpet: Unknown player; Trombone: Unknown player; Bass trombone: Unknown player; Double bass: Unknown player; Horn: Unknown player

This was based on Thomas Dekker’s 16th-century lullaby which Paul saw sitting on his dad’s piano. Being unable to read the music, he just wrote his own tune and kept all the words.

The song later led to a little argy-bargy after Paul gave it to White Trash, one of the early Apple bands. Apple’s ‘House Hippie’ Richard DiLello remembered: “We were going to bill them as Apple’s own ‘Home-baked blood-and-guts group’, and rewrote their biography for the press mailing: ‘White Trash come from Glasgow,’ we said. ‘The most violent and tempestuous city in the British Isles. A city in God’s own country, inhabited by the devil’s own people. A city that reeks of desperation under the cold, grey wash of the Scottish skies. They played their way through every club in the Gorbals, the …

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