The Beatles -- ‘Her Majesty’

Her Majesty (0.23)

Paul McCartney: Lead vocal, acoustic guitar;

This was originally track-listed between ‘Mean Mr. Mustard’ and ‘Polythene Pam’ on the ‘Abbey Road’ LP, but after having a listen Paul decided that it didn’t fit very well, and told the engineer John Kurlander to cut it out. But because Kurlander was under orders never to throw anything by The Beatles away, he spooled it onto the end of the tape so it wouldn’t get lost.

“We did all the remixes and cross-fades to overlap the songs,” he said, “and he said ‘I don’t like ‘Her Majesty’, throw it away.’ So I cut it out and accidentally left in the last note. He said ‘It’s only a rough mix, it doesn’t matter,’ but I’d been told never to throw anything by The Beatles away, so after he left I picked it up off the floor and put about twenty seconds of red leader tape before it and …

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