The Beatles -- ‘I Am The Walrus’

I Am The Walrus (4.37)

John Lennon: Double-tracked lead vocal, mellotron; Paul McCartney: Backing vocal, bass guitar; George Harrison: Backing vocal, lead guitar; Ringo Starr: Drums; Backing vocal: The Mike Sammes Singers; Violin: Sidney Sax, Jack Rothstein, Ralph Elman, Andrew McGee, Jack Greene, Louis Stevens, John Jezzard, Jack Richards; Cello: Lionel Ross, Eldon Fox, Bram Martin, Terry Weill; Clarinet: Gordon Lewin; Horn: Neil Sanders, Tony Tunstall

The inspiration for this song came from a letter that John received from a kid at Quarry Bank High School, who described how they were analysing Beatles’ lyrics in class. John then spent an enjoyable afternoon drinking beers and reminiscing with his old pal Pete Shotton.

“I just dipped into a sack,” said Pete, “and pulled out a letter which happened to be from our old school, from a pupil at Quarry Bank. He said his English teacher was getting them to read and analyse Beatles lyrics, to find out hidden meanings, and what they were really all about. This got John off remembering lines we used to recite when we were at school.” They reeled off the ‘Yellow matter custard’ poem: ‘Yellow matter custard, green slop pie, all mixed together with a dead dog’s eye, slap it on a butty …

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Take 16 I Am The Walrus (4.02)

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