The Beatles -- ‘If I Needed Someone’

If I Needed Someone (2.24)

George Harrison: Double-tracked lead vocal, lead guitar, rhythm guitar; John Lennon: Backing vocal; Paul McCartney: Backing vocal, bass guitar; Ringo Starr: Drums, tambourine; Harmonium: George Martin

George drew inspiration for this song from a couple of Byrds’ tunes called ‘The Bells Of Rhymney’ and ‘She Don’t Care About Time’. “It’s like a million other songs written around the D chord,” he said. “If you move your finger about you get various little melodies (and sometimes you get various little maladies). That guitar line, or variations on it, is found in many a song and it amazes me that people still find new permutations of the same notes.”

Unfortunately George managed to piss off The Hollies when he called their 1965 cover version “rubbish” (a fair comment). Graham Nash later complained that “Not only do his comments disappoint and hurt us, but we are sick of everything The Beatles say or do being taken as law. The thing that hurt us most was George Harrison’s …

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