The Beatles -- ‘Isnt It A Pity’

‘Get Back’ sessions Isn’t It A Pity

  • Credit: Harrison
  • Main composer: George
  • First released in UK:
    Never released
    First released in USA:
    Never released
  • Session:
    26 Jan ’69 – Apple Studios

George Harrison: Lead vocal, guitar;

George first aired this song at the ‘Get Back’ sessions in January ’69, but it wasn’t properly recorded until his first solo LP came out in 1970.

He described the thinking behind it in his biography ‘I Me Mine’… “It’s about whenever a relationship hits a down point and instead of doing whatever other people do (like breaking each other’s jaws) I wrote a song. It was a chance to realise that if I felt somebody had let me down, then there’s a good chance I was letting someone else down too. We all tend to break each other’s hearts, taking and not giving back – isn’t it a pity.”

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