The Beatles -- ‘Its All Too Much’

It’s All Too Much (6.29)

George Harrison: Double-tracked lead vocal, lead guitar, hammond organ; John Lennon: Harmony vocal, lead guitar; Paul McCartney: Harmony vocal, bass guitar; Ringo Starr: Drums, tambourine; Clarinet: Paul Harvey; Trumpet: David Mason

This was the first song to be recorded at De Lane Lea’s studio. It’s working title was ‘Too Much’ and was cropped from a jam session that lasted over twenty-five minutes.

It’s got a couple of steals in it. You can hear some trumpet from Jeremiah Clarke’s ‘Prince Of Denmark’s March’ and a line from The Mersey’s ‘Sorrow’, where he sings “With your long blonde hair and eyes of blue”.

If you listen carefully then you can hear an amusing little skit at the end where they’re chanting “Too much! Too much!” and after a little while it changes to “Tuba! Tuba!” and “Cuba! Cuba!”

George explained that the song “was written in a childlike manner from realisations that appeared during and after some LSD experiences and which were later confirmed in …

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