The Beatles -- ‘Little Queenie’

Hamburg recording Little Queenie (4.03)

Paul McCartney: Lead vocal, bass guitar; John Lennon: Rhythm guitar; George Harrison: Lead guitar; Ringo Starr: Drums;

This song was captured live in December ’62, during their two-week stint at the Star-Club.

Chuck Berry described it in his autobiography: “While I was writing it, I relived the feelings of the character presented. If you notice, in the lyrics the first party is standing by watching a pretty girl at some dance while the music is playing. That was typical of me in high school, to stand around thinking instead of acting during occasions when I’d have the opportunity to get next to a girl by dancing. The slow, and most time no, acting is prevalent in the second verse – ‘There she is again standing over by the record machine’ – showing the guy is still standing hoping for a miracle to occur to bring the girl within his grasp. It’s just like me even today to wait around until it’s …

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