The Beatles -- ‘Lovely Rita’

Lovely Rita (2.42)

Paul McCartney: Lead vocal, bass guitar, piano, comb and paper; John Lennon: Backing vocal, acoustic guitar, comb and paper; George Harrison: Backing vocal, electric slide guitar, acoustic guitar, comb and paper; Ringo Starr: Drums; Piano: George Martin

Paul wrote this around a phrase that his mate came out with: “I see you’ve got meter maids over here.” He liked the alliteration. “I thought it was great,” he said. “I got it to be ‘Rita meter maid’ and then ‘Lovely Rita meter maid’. And out of that came the idea to have a shy office worker who seduces the warden in an attempt to get him off the fine.”

Later on a lady called Meta Davies insisted that it must be about her, because she swears blind that she gave Paul a ticket in the sixties. (When she was interviewed in 1985, she rather spoiled the story by calling Paul ‘McCarthy’.)

George Martin recalled the sessions descending into “a choir of paper and combs as a mock brass section… blowing through combs covered with regulation-issue EMI toilet paper, to create the …

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