The Beatles -- ‘Martha My Dear’

Martha My Dear (2.29)

Paul McCartney: Double-tracked lead vocal, lead guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums; Viola: Leo Birnbaum, Henry Myerscough; Violin: Bernard Miller, Dennis McConnell, Lou Sofier, Les Maddox; Cello: Reginald Kilbey, Frederick Alexander; Trumpet: Leon Calvert, Stanley Reynolds, Ronnie Hughes; Trombone: Ted Baker; Tuba: Alf Reece; French horn: Tony Tunstall; Flugelhorn: Leon Calvert

Martha was Paul’s pet dog. “She was my first pet,” he said. He bought her in March ’66 when he moved into Cavendish Avenue. “I never had a dog or a cat at home. My parents both went out to work which was why we couldn’t have one, even when one terrible day when they were giving away free puppies! Just a hundred yards away from where we lived. We came screaming home, my brother and I, ‘they’re giving ‘em away! We can get one if you tell us now, we can go and get one, we’ve chosen the one we want!’ They said, ‘You can’t have one, son. Me and your mum go out to work and it wouldn’t be fair on the dog.’ ‘We’ll look after it, we’ll do it.’ ‘You’re at school.’ ‘Well, we’ll come back at lunchtime. Surely?’ ‘No, no, no.’ Crying crying crying. We just couldn’t understand because they were …

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