The Beatles -- ‘Revolution’

Revolution (3.24)

John Lennon: Double-tracked lead vocal; Paul McCartney: Bass guitar, hammond organ; George Harrison: Lead guitar; Ringo Starr: Drums; Electric piano: Nicky Hopkins

In the summer of ’68 the papers were full of anti-war riots and students marching against the police. And because John was the most politically active of The Beatles, he came under increasing pressure to show whose side he was on – was he for the peace protesters, or against them?

On the slower, album version (which was the first to be recorded), he straddled the fence by warning of the dangers but at the same time saying “count me in”. (Note: although this is what the lyric sheet states, what he actually appears to be singing is “Don’t you know you can count me out/in.”) But by the time he came to record this quicker, single version, it was at the very height of the Viet Nam protests and he wanted to be counted “out”. There had recently been a pitched battle between the …

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