The Beatles -- ‘Searchin’

Decca audition Searchin’ (3.00)

Paul McCartney: Lead vocal, bass guitar; John Lennon: Backing vocal, rhythm guitar; George Harrison: Backing vocal, lead guitar; Drums: Pete Best

This was the second Leiber/Stoller song that they performed at their Decca audition (the other one being ‘Three Cool Cats’). It has now been made available on ‘Anthology 1’.

Paul vividly remembers going across town to steal it off his mate… “Our drummer [from The Quarrymen], Colin Hanton, knew some guy that had it, but we had to get on the bus and do two changes of bus routes. Didn’t matter. Half an hour away. There was such a passion about that song, ‘Searchin’. So we got the words and I think we also stole the record. It was his foolishness for leaving it round. ‘Doesn’t he know we’re hoodlums? Why would he leave it around? Foolish boy!’”

The Beatles loved this record and Paul chose it as one of his stowaways on ‘Desert Island Discs’. They even added the B-side to …

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