The Beatles -- ‘Shes Leaving Home’

She’s Leaving Home (3.35)

John Lennon: Lead vocal, backing vocal; Paul McCartney: Lead vocal, backing vocal; Viola: John Underwood, Stephen Shingles; Violin: Erich Gruenberg, Derek Jacobs, Trevor Williams, Jose Garcia; Cello: Dennis Vigay, Alan Dalziel; Double bass: Gordon Pearce; Harp: Sheila Bromberg

This was based on a story that Paul lifted out of the ‘Daily Mail’. It was about a 17-year-old kid called Melanie Coe, who’d run away to live with a man she’d met at a casino.

Melanie said: “My mother didn’t like any of my friends. I wasn’t allowed to bring anyone home. She didn’t like me going out, she didn’t like the way I dressed… and my father was weak. He just went along with everything she said.” So she went out clubbing and met this guy and moved in with him. Unfortunately her parents soon found out dragged her back home again. Her father was quoted as saying: “I can’t imagine why she’d run away. She has everything here. She is very keen on clothes but she left it all… even her fur coat.”

In a remarkable coincidence, it later came to light that Melanie had …

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