The Beatles -- ‘Sun King’

Sun King (2.27)

John Lennon: Lead vocal, lead guitar, maracas; Paul McCartney: Harmony vocal, bass guitar, harmonium; George Harrison: Lead guitar; Ringo Starr: Drums, bongos; Organ: George Martin

This was supposedly based on Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Albatross’, which had been a big hit in late ’68. Most of the words are mock-Spanish, with a little bit of Portuguese and Italian thrown in for good measure, but don’t actually make much sense.

“We were just joking around,” said John, “singing ‘Quando para mucho’. And Paul said a few Spanish words from school, you know… we just strung any old Spanish words together that sounded vaguely like something. And of course we got ‘Chicka ferdy’ in. That’s a Liverpool expression, but it doesn’t mean anything to me. But the one we missed, that we should have had, was ‘Paranoia’. We forgot all about it! We used to call ourselves ‘Los Paranoias’.”

A listen to the ‘Get Back’ tapes show that ‘Sun King’ was once closely intermingled with …

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