The Beatles -- ‘Take Out Some Insurance On Me Baby’

Hamburg recording Take Out Some Insurance On Me, Baby (2.51)

Paul McCartney: Bass guitar; George Harrison: Rhythm guitar; Lead vocal: Tony Sheridan; Lead guitar: Tony Sheridan; Drums: Pete Best

This was recorded at the Tony Sheridan session in June ’61, but didn’t come out until early ’64.

Of the seven songs that were recorded that day, only four of them were considered strong enough to release prior to The Beatles hitting the big-time (‘My Bonnie’, ‘The Saints’, ‘Cry For A Shadow’ and ‘Why’). The other three had to wait until Beatlemania swept the UK (‘Nobody’s Child’, ‘Ain’t She Sweet’, and this one).

When it finally came out in the United States, ATCO felt obliged to scrub the swear word from the track. The original line went: “Take out some insurance on me, baby/Some god damned insurance on me”, but the sanitised version went: “Take out some insurance on me, baby/Oooh, some insurance on me.” Much better, I think you’ll agree – much less likely to corrupt …

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