The Beatles -- ‘When I'm Sixty Four’

When I’m Sixty-Four (2.37)

Paul McCartney: Lead vocal, backing vocal, bass guitar, piano; John Lennon: Backing vocal, guitar; George Harrison: Backing vocal; Ringo Starr: Drums, chimes; Clarinet: Robert Burns, Henry MacKenzie, Frank Reidy

Paul wrote this on the family piano way back in 1958 – not bad for a fifteen-year-old kid. Pete Best said he used to busk it in the Kaiserkeller when their PA system broke down.

Paul used to love these fruity old tunes and his dad had just turned sixty-four in the summer, so that’s why he remembered the tune. John thought it was a bit cheesy but George Martin commented: “John used to sneer at a lot of things… They tended to be rivals. One would do one thing and the other would say, yeah, I can do better than that and go away and do it. But at the same time, they’d be thinking, that was bloody good, I wish I could do that.”

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